What is dehydrated pet food ?

Air dried raw food is a new type of dog food in Australia and very different to the canned and kibble
food most people feed there pets. It takes things back to basics – replicating the natural, delicious
raw diet dogs thrive on in the wild, while making it easy to use and store – just add water, stir and

How much water do I add ?

It’s up to you and your dog or cat! Some dogs or cats like it soupy, some like it thicker. Our feeding
guides on the packs and online give a guide to how much water to add but we encourage pet owners
to experiment and see what they’re dog prefers. Having moisture in the diet is important for proper
digestion, probiotic growth, immunity and gut health and for Dish & Dash it helps improve the

Should I switch my dog or cat over to Dish & Dash straight away?

Lots of dogs and some cats are not fussy eaters and can switch straight away. However, if they’ve
been eating the same food for months or years then suddenly switching can be a shock! Gradually
replacing part of their old food with new Dish & Dash over the course of a week will reduce the                                                                          chances of an upset tummy. We recommend a 7 day switch.

Is Dish & Dash suitable for my breed of dog or cat?

Dish & Dash is great for four-legged friends of all shapes and sizes. However, for large breed dogs
(greater than 31kg as an adult) extra calcium in the form of a bone twice a week is recommended.

How much does it cost?

Retailers may offer Dish & Dash at different prices but our Recommended Retail Prices are as

• 1kg Dish & Dash dog food – Chicken or Beef Recipes – $36.99 (makes up to 4kg of food once add

• 3kg Dish & Dash dog food – Chicken or Lamb Recipes – $89.99 (makes up to 12kg of food once add

• 700g Dish & Dash cat food – Will be coming shortly. (makes up to 2.8kg of food once add water)


It seems expensive for how much I get?

Dish & Dash is different to kibble and canned pet food in that we’ve condensed a lot of nutrition into
a small amount of food. 1kg of Dish & Dash makes up to 4kg of food once you add water so you
should really compare the cost of 1kg of Dish & Dash to 4kg of other food. Our food is also focussed
on the best nutrition for your dog or cat – as such we’ve much higher meat content than your
average dog or cat food and no cheap fillers or grains. We believe we provide the absolute best
nutrition at the best value.